Firm Overview

Firm Overview

The Schultz Law Group (formerly known as Schultz & Company) is a small but broad-based downtown Boston law firm whose principal attorney, Gordon N. Schultz, together with his administrative staff, has provided high quality and cost-effective legal services to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients for over forty years.  We have the experience, creativity, and sensitivity to balance and pursue both negotiated and adversarial solutions to a client’s legal problems in order to achieve the most advantageous result.

All law firms have attorneys with experience, depth and diversity. The measures of our strength and competitive edge are the four hallmarks of our organizational philosophy: (1) a genuine compassion for each client and the legal difficulties they face; (2) an approach to the practice of law which remains enthusiastic, energetic, and is pursued with the highest of integrity; (3) prompt and responsive attention to each client’s legal matter; and (4) careful attention to the costs of the legal services being provided, with fee structures that are more reasonable and flexible in order to meet each client’s financial circumstances.

These four hallmarks of our organizational philosophy are routinely applied to all client matters in the following contexts:

We Treat You the Way We Would Want to Be Treated

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the success of every engagement depends upon the quality of the interpersonal relationship between the attorney and the client. As a service business, we recognize the cardinal rule that we should treat our clients as we would expect to be treated. As a small firm, we are able to meet that commitment to each of our clients by providing personalized, partner-level attention in every matter we accept.

Our smaller size also permits us to offer tangible benefits that directly affect the cost of legal services. As the price of legal services escalates, many clients prefer being represented by a smaller law firm. This is because the smaller firm tends to be more easily managed, thus operating more efficiently, and enabling it to be more price-competitive and flexible in its compensation arrangements.

In short, the Firm’s mission is that each of its clients receives thoughtful, creative, and cost-effective solutions to the legal problems they are confronting; and that, since many clients are not familiar with the legal process, they are kept informed from the inception of our representation through its completion in order to ensure that they understand and are satisfied with the manner in which their legal matter is being addressed.

Critical Thinking is Crucial

Most legal issues do not fall squarely within a standard mold because there is always something different about the factual circumstances which sets it apart from otherwise similar situations. This is particularly the case in litigation matters where often the slightest factual difference or a particular nuance can prove to be determinative of a different outcome.

This circumstance requires that an attorney entrusted with a client’s litigation matter be a creative advocate who is able to parse complex facts and think “outside the box” in order to determine the best approach to solve a client’s legal problems. During his lengthy practice, Attorney Schultz has taken great pride in his meticulous attention to detail and an unyielding commitment to superior client representation such that every client may be assured that their legal issues will have been thoroughly assessed and a strategy for success developed before the representation begins.  

Experience Matters

With over four decades of legal experience in the practice of business and commercial law, real estate, probate of estates, creditors’ and debtors’ rights, bankruptcy law, and litigation at the trial and appellate levels, Attorney Schultz has gained the ability to offer his clients superior legal acumen, excellent legal guidance, productive advocacy, and sound judgment.

For those clients who are confronted with litigation, whether prosecuting or defending a claim, the Firm always conducts a careful fact and evidenced-based analysis of the circumstances in order to establish a litigation strategy designed to achieve maximum results while carefully managing its potential costs.  In doing so, clients are better able to understand what is at risk, what available resources should be utilized, and how those resources should be allocated, enabling them to make thoughtful and informed decisions about how to proceed.