Firm Overview

Business & Employment Law

Businesses, regardless of the form in which they may have been organized, and their shareholder, partner, or member owners, require skillful legal representation throughout their business life to ensure that the business operations function as envisioned and for the purposes intended and that divisive internal disputes are avoided.

Business Formation:

The Firm provides legal advice and business counseling for all activities that may confront the emerging small to medium-sized corporate or other business entity.  These include counsel with respect to the form and structure of the entity, including the choices among  Subchapter “S” and “C” corporations and limited liability corporations and partnerships; and the negotiation and drafting of shareholder, partnership, joint venture or other intra-corporate agreements necessary to the orderly functioning of the business.

Business Transactions and Employment Issues:

We offer representation relative to business finance, the negotiation, drafting, and review of contracts, leases, and other business agreements; and the litigation of all forms of business disputes, including shareholder, member, or partner disputes; and consultation is available for employer/employee related issues, including the negotiation and drafting of employment agreements, the enforcement or defense of non‑competition covenants, and the protection of trade secret and intellectual property rights.

If requested, we also assist our clients in providing tax advice through partnering arrangements with select certified public accountants. If the client does not have an accountant or is interested in replacing his present affiliation,  we will introduce them to, and then work closely with, our affiliations in order to ensure quality representation for personal and business tax planning issues, corporate reorganizations, tax shelter structuring, pension and profit sharing plans, and the acquisition and/or disposition of capital stock and/or business assets.

Refinancing, Liquidation, Sale or Dissolution:

For the more established business, the Firm addresses matters which include reorganizations, dissolutions, mergers, stock and asset sales or acquisitions, institutional and private financing programs, and, where appropriate, regulatory compliance. 

Business & Commercial Litigation

Doing business in the 21st century has become more complex and generally more difficult than in previous decades, causing the prospect of business disputes to be of increased concern. Such disputes can prove costly, not only financially, but because they can damage a business relationship and reputation; and divert attention and resources from the business operation itself.   If the dispute ripens into litigation, the costs and risks escalate.

The Firm has considerable experience in litigation related to the resolution of general business and commercial disputes which inevitably arise in the course of business, commercial and financial relationships.  These include borrower-lender disputes that may occur in banking or other institutional lending transactions, including inter-lender litigation when conflicts among competing security interests arise; contract disputes between business creditors and debtors; corporate and partnership entanglements; unfair and deceptive trade practices; real property ownership, including construction and mechanic’s lien litigation; and disputes arising from sale and acquisition agreements.

Our practice includes trials and appeals in both the state and federal courts of Massachusetts and most of the New England states on all levels, arbitrations, hearings before local, state and federal agencies and participation in various forms of alternative dispute resolution.


“[We] can’t thank you enough and our final payment doesn’t even make a statement for all you’ve done. You added years to my grandmother’s life and I’m certain of that. Being able to trust and confide in you made a world of difference to her. She didn’t feel like she had to be stressed or consumed by this process. . . .Gordon, you are a blessing from God and I hope that as our services end in this phase that you know we will never forget you. I’m certain you will hear from me again. Thank you so much.”

From Z. Lewis, after concluding a very difficult and drawn-out loan modification proceeding and divorce for her grandmother.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

The acquisition of real estate — whether residential or commercial — is one of the most important investments that can be made by an individual or a business. We offer the knowledge and experience necessary to attain and safeguard your residential and commercial real estate assets.

The Firm’s real estate practice includes representation of both the business and the individual client – as buyer, seller, developer, builder, investor, landlord, or tenant  – with respect to issues that range from the routine purchase or sale of residential real estate to the complex acquisition, financing and development of residential subdivisions or other commercial or industrial properties.

In today’s complex legal environment, it is rare that a real estate transaction will not impact zoning, land use, environmental restrictions and municipal regulations. Through the experience of the Firm’s principal who, for several years, served as Town Counsel to a small town in North Middlesex County, we are able to bring a unique perspective in all real estate transactions where municipal law issues may present themselves.

Consultation is also available for leasing transactions for both individual and business lessors and lessees of residential, commercial and industrial property, including the negotiation and drafting of commercial lease agreements, services relating to the collateralization of leasing arrangements, and enforcement remedies, including eviction proceedings.