Estates, Trusts, Guardianships & Conservators

At some point, every individual will confront, to some degree, the need to settle an estate of a family member or other loved one. As well, with the advances in medical science, resulting in individuals living longer, most families will inevitably confront the onset of various forms of dementia and the potential need for guardians or conservators to manage the financial affairs of the incapacitated individual.

Administration of Estates and Trusts:

The Firm offers a full range of services relating to the probate of a decedent’s estate. We represent either the fiduciary (Personal Representative), heir, or beneficiary in connection with the due performance of all matters required to effect the probate or the administration of the estate or to preserve and protect the rights of the heirs or beneficiaries under a will, trust, or other rights to which they may be entitled under the intestacy laws.

Guardianships and Conservatorships:

When an adult is unable to make decisions due to a lack of competency-based upon a disability, and there is no durable power of attorney or health care proxy, a legal guardian or a conservator may need to be appointed.  The Firm offers a full range of services with regard to the petition for, and the appointment of legal guardians and conservators, advising those appointed as to their responsibilities and the rights of the protected person (the ward). We have the knowledge, advocacy, and compassion that clients need when pursuing these forms of legal appointments.

Civil Litigation – Trial and Appellate

With over 40 years experience in every aspect of pre-trial, trial, and post-trial activity, including discovery, motion practice, jury trials, appellate practice, mediations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings, we welcome, for the individual and business client, any matter that may require litigation to conclude the dispute, including personal injury claims, employment disputes, product liability claims and other matters that involve the individual or the business entity in the judicial or adversarial process.

It is almost always less expensive to consensually resolve a dispute rather than litigate it; but, to be in a strong position to successfully negotiate, the client’s cause must be thoroughly prepared and the attorney ready to go to trial. We take a measured approach to all litigation, evaluating the potential benefits and risks of each decision to ensure that a client’s resources are invested wisely. We are principled advocates who understand that credibility—a key component of effective persuasion—is enhanced by civility and respect. Our advice and counsel is guided, without exception, by the best interests of each client.

“Thank you again for all your help and efforts. This case has dragged on for quite a number of years. However, my faith in your ability has never waivered.”

From N. Her, after a hard-fought and drawn out six-figure settlement of her personal injury case was finally concluded after arbitration proceedings.


Family Law

Family law matters, including divorce and child custody, are deeply personal and present emotionally difficult circumstances. We have the compassion, sensitivity, and experience to assist those who are confronting the process to navigate — with the least amount of stress and frustration possible — the disruptive and emotionally-charged landscape inherent in  such proceedings.

We provide representation to husbands, wives, or single parents as to all matters and issues that grow out of, or may relate to, family law and matrimonial issues, including divorce, separate support,  property division, paternity, guardians ad litem, child support, or child custody and visitation proceedings.


“[We] can’t thank you enough and our final payment doesn’t even make a statement for all you’ve done. You added years to my grandmother’s life and I’m certain of that. Being able to trust and confide in you made a world of difference to her. She didn’t feel like she had to be stressed or consumed by this process. . . .Gordon, you are a blessing from God and I hope that as our services end in this phase that you know we will never forget you. I’m certain you will hear from me again. Thank you so much.”

From Z. Lewis, after concluding a very difficult and drawn-out loan modification proceeding and divorce for her grandmother.